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We are proud to announce that will now be known as Doctor Alliance, Inc. We are still the industry leader in electronic document signing for Homecare, Hospice and DME facilities, and their physicians, only with a name that more precisely describes the strong alliance our network provides between physicians and their healthcare partners.

Rather than focusing on just Homecare, we have expanded to make our network of physicians and their healthcare partners inclusive of many other branches that require frequent signatures and communications. We are, in essence, creating a network of entities aligned with the physician in providing them with tools that make everybody's work easier.

Existing Users

Existing users will see great improvements in their accounts, while still getting the same dedicated support from familiar people in our customer center. The phone number (800-608-5368) and the email address ( will still work the same, but you might get a new username or password for your account. We will notify you ahead of time if this is the case.

For more information, please contact us at 800-608-5368 or
3131 McKinney Ave, Suite 600, Dallas, Texas 75204
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